Business Networking


Enhance your member engagement with the Potentiality Business Networking Hub. See at a glance which jobs/industries your online community has chosen to pursue. Actively encourage members to support one another's personal and professional development by sharing their own knowledge, expertise and experience through mentoring, work placements and career talks.

Business Networking

Your members gain increased professional exposure and an invaluable networking experience that meaningfully engages them to ensure that they keep coming back.


Group cluster map

At a glance see where the majority of your constituent's businesses are based, allowing you to make key decision such as deciding upon the best venue for your next big networking event.



Your members gain access to their very own career/mentoring community allowing them to easily reach out for career help and support from an exclusive and willing network.


Search by industry or mentors

Easily locate and target your chosen groups using the industry drop-down menu, “show mentors” or "show businesses" function and easily contact them in individual or in bulk.


Track all user engagement and statistics

Each time a business card is read, a website or telephone number is viewed, this interaction is captured and notified to the business.


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